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What is LyTec?
LyTec is the original EL WIRE.  LyTec is a light source based on the technology of electroluminescent phosphor. It is a linear light source in the form of a wire, glowing 360 degrees.  LyTec comes in 8 to10 colors depending on diameter: 1.2mm to 5.0 mm. When the appropriate electric power is applied to LyTec, the flexible wire glows similarly to soft neon light. Amazingly, one thousand yards of LyTec consumes the energy of just one ordinary light bulb!
Is LyTec known as any other name?
Most common is simply "El Wire"
LyTec is the original El Wire!
Why is LyTec better than LED, Rope Light and fiber optics?
 LyTec provides the following advantages over neon, LED and fiber optics:
  • Flexibility and Cool to Touch
  • Light along the entire length, 360 degrees
  • Low power consumption
  • 8 to 10 colors depending on diameter
  • Continuous length from 328ft to 820ft
  • Support of battery power or regular electrical outlets
What is the lifetime of LyTec?
The useful lifetime is up to thousands of hours, depending on the frequency and voltage inputs. Higher frequency and voltage create greater is the initial brightness, but greater wear on the wire, shortening its lifetime. The useful lifetime of LyTec is the amount of time it takes for the wire's brightness to diminish to 30% of its initial brightness. The LyTec wire dims very gradually with use, and continues to emit a dimmed light for a long time after its useful lifetime. 

Eventually it will go out, just like any light bulb... 
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