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01C-Pink-Fushcia   1.2mm Lytec Angel Hair - Pink/Fuschia
01C-RD   1.2mm Lytec Angel Hair - RD
1.4mm-PL2-White   1.4mm PL2 Cool White
1.4mm-PL2-Lime   1.4mm PL2 Neon Lime Green
TR12v1000ma   12Vdc Wall transformer 1.0A, 2.1mm ID plug
TR12v2amp   12Vdc Wall transformer 2.0A, 2.1mm ID plug
TR12v750ma   12Vdc Wall transformer 750ma, 2.1mm plug
1aabhlead   1xAA 1.5v Batt Holder w/leads
2.2mm-PL2-White   2.2mm PL2 - Cool White
2.2mm-PL2-LG   2.2mm PL2 - Lime Green (glow stick green)
2.3mm-CLHB-AQUA   2.3mm CooLight High Bright Wire - AQ - Aqua Blue Green
2.3mm-CLX-AQBG   2.3mm ECLX Wire - AQ - Aqua Blue
2.3mm-CLX-BL   2.3mm ECLX Wire - BL - Blue
2.3mm-CLX-GN   2.3mm ECLX Wire - GN - Emerald Green
2.3mm-CLX-LG   2.3mm ECLX Wire - LG - Lime Green
2.3mm-CLX-OR   2.3mm ECLX Wire - OR - Orange
2.3mm-CLX-PK   2.3mm ECLX Wire - PK - Coral Pink
2.3mm-CLX-SKBL   2.3mm ECLX Wire - SYBL - Sky Blue
2.3mm-CLX-WT   2.3mm ECLX Wire - WT - Cool White
01S-GN   2.3mm Lytec Wire - GN - Teal Green
01S-PK   2.3mm Lytec Wire - PK - Hot Pink
2aabhp   2xAA (3vdc) Batt Holder w/9v battery post
2xaaCase   2xAA (3vdc) Battery Case Enclosure w/switch
2xaaaCase   2xAAA (3vdc) Battery Case Enclosure w/switch
BH-2aaa-lead   2xAAA 3v Batt Holder w/leads
3.2mm-CLHB-AQUA   3.2mm CooLight High Bright Wire - AQ - Transparent Blue Aqua
3.2mm-CLHB-BLUE   3.2mm CooLight High Bright Wire - BL - Blue
3.2mm-CLHB-GN   3.2mm CooLight High Bright Wire - GN - Green
3.2mm-CLHB-LG   3.2mm CooLight High Bright Wire - LG - Lime Green
3.2mm-CLHB-OR   3.2mm CooLight High Bright Wire - OR - Orange
3.2mm-CLHB-PLV   3.2mm CooLight High Bright Wire - PL - Purple-Violet
3.2mm-CLHB-RED   3.2mm CooLight High Bright Wire - RD - Red
3.2mm-CLHB-WT   3.2mm CooLight High Bright Wire - WT - White
3.2mm-CLHB-YL   3.2mm CooLight High Bright Wire - YL - Golden Yellow
3.2mm-CLHB-YL2   3.2mm CooLight High Bright Wire - YL - Lemon Yellow
3.2mm-CLX-BL   3.2mm ECLX Wire - BL - Blue
3.2mm-CLX-FLRD   3.2mm ECLX Wire - FLRD - Fluorescent Red
3.2mm-CLX-GN   3.2mm ECLX Wire - GN - Emerald Green
3.2mm-CLX-LG   3.2mm ECLX Wire - LG - Lime Green
3.2mm-CLX-OR   3.2mm ECLX Wire - OR - Orange
3.2mm-CLX-PLUV   3.2mm ECLX Wire - PLUV - UV Violet
3.2mm-CLX-SKBL   3.2mm ECLX Wire - SYBL - Sky Blue
3.2mm-CLX-WT   3.2mm ECLX Wire - WT - Cool White
02S-PK   3.2mm Lytec PK - Hot Pink
3.2mm-PL2-WT   3.2mm PL2 - WT (nice cool white)
5ftx2-3.2mm-Bike-Costume-Kit   3.2mm-2x5ft-EL Wire Bike-Costume-Kit
coppertape   3M Copper tape by the foot
CLEL-4.3-Pink   4.3mm CL EL Wire - PK - Pink
5.0mm-CLX-BL   5.0mm ECLX Wire - BL - Blue
5.0mm-CLX-GN   5.0mm ECLX Wire - GN - Emerald Green
5.0mm-CLX-LG   5.0mm ECLX Wire - LG - Lime Green
5.0mm-CLX-OR   5.0mm ECLX Wire - OR - Orange
5.0mm-CLX-SKBL   5.0mm ECLX Wire - SYBL - Sky Blue
5.0mm-PL2-BG   5.0mm PL2 Wire - BG - Blue Green/Aqua
5.0mm-PL2-FlameRed   5.0mm PL2 Wire - Flame Red
5.0mm-PL2-LG   5.0mm PL2 Wire - LG - Lime Green (glow stick green)
8xaabatholder   8xAA 12v Battery Holder w/9v battery post
8xaaabatholder   8xAAA 12v Battery Holder w/9v battery post
9vbatttab   9v Batt Tab
9vCase   9v Battery Case Enclosure w/switch
TR9v300ma-1.3mm-plug   9Vdc Wall transformer 300ma 1.3mm plug
1/4HSBLK   Black 1/4 inch adhesive lined heatshrink
3-16HSBLK   Black 3/16 inch adhesive lined heatshrink
LeadWire-22g-2c-Blk   Black/Red Lead Wire 22g/2c by the Foot
CL-ELD5-1.5V   CL-ELD 1.5v 1xAAA up to 5ft
CL-ELD3-3V   CL-ELD 3v 2xAA up to 16ft
CL-ELD-100M-12v-CF   CL-ELD-100M-12v; 50 to 300 feet of EL wire - Constant/Flash
CL-ELD-50M-12v-CF   CL-ELD-50M-12v; 20 to 150 feet of EL wire - Constant/Flash
CL-ELD110AC-50M   CL-ELD110AC-50M/150ft
CL-IF12V-C-F-20-50FT   CL-IF12V-C/F-20-50FT
CL-IMC-1.5FT   CL-IMConstant-1.5FT - 1.5vdc, 7Khz
CL-IPTC-3v-3-7FT   CL-IPTC-3v-3-7FT
CL-IPTC-9v-3-7FT   CL-IPTC-9v-3-7FT
CL-IS-40FT   CL-IS-40FT Constant/Sound Activated 9-12vdc
CL-ISC-12V-3-8FT   CL-ISC-12V-3-8FT
CO1M_Lead_16ft   CO1M+Lead 16ft
CO1Female   CO1M-Female Connector (inverter side)
CO1Male   CO1M-Male Connector (el wire side)
CO1MFF   CO1MFF-2 way splitter
CO1MFx3   CO1MFF-3 way splitter
CO1MFx4   CO1MFx4 way splitter
Connection-Solder-Service   Connection/Solder Service
P1.3mmFemale   Connector Plug Female 1.3mm ID
P2.1x5.5mm-Female   Connector Plug Female 2.1mm x 5.5mm
P2.1mmx5.5mm-Male   Connector Plug Male 2.1mm x 5.5mm
P1.3mmMale   Connector Plug Male1.3mm ID
CRWLEL-5ft-3.2-AQUA   Crawling El 5ft-3.2-AQUA TRANSPARENT BLUE
CRWLEL-5ft-3.2-BLUE   Crawling El 5ft-3.2-BLUE
CRWLEL-5ft-3.2-PURPLE   Crawling El 5ft-3.2-PURPLE
CRWLEL-5ft-3.2-RED   Crawling El 5ft-3.2-RED
CRWLEL-5ft-3.2-TGREEN   Crawling El 5ft-3.2-TRANSPARENT GREEN
CRWLEL-5ft-3.2-WHITE   Crawling El 5ft-3.2-WHITE
Wire_Pre-Strip   El Wire Pre-Strip Service
MT2213-935KV   EMAX MT2213-935KV Brushless Motor w/1045 Prop
20A_ESC_SimonK   ESC 20A SimonK Simon Series
EUguide.052   EUguide.052
Female_Connector_Shell   Female Connector Shell
Female_Pins   Female Pins
Flat2P   Flat 2-Pin Socket Female Connector
GS2   Garage Sale group 2 - EZ ORDER RAPID ENTRY FORM
GS1   Garage Sale group1 - EZ ORDER RAPID ENTRY FORM
HV-IFW-5681-2K   HV-IFW 5681 2K 12v 140vac 10-50ft
HV-IFW-7545-2K   HV-IFW 7545 2K 12v 140vac 50-100ft
HV-L60F11BC-12vdc   HV-L60F11BC-20m-100m-12vdc
IFW-3294   IFW 3294 2K 3-5v 1.7k 80vac
IFW-3415   IFW 3415 2K 12v 105vac 5-15ft
IFW-5541-2K-9V   IFW 5541-2K 9V 70vac 10-30ft
IFW-5681-2K   IFW 5681 2K 12v 110vac 10-40ft
IFW-7545-2K   IFW 7545 2K 12v 100vac 30-100ft
ISW-5726   ISW 5726 850hz 12v 15-30ft
ISW-5727   ISW 5727 850hz 12v 30-50ft
ISW-5795   ISW 5795 12v 650hz 260VAC - 38SQIN Flat EL
ISW-9674-600HZ-12vdc   ISW 9674-600HZ 12vdc 100-328ft EL
PB2-PushbuttonSwitch   Judco 188-1 Pushbutton Switch on/off
LED Light Housing BLUE   LED Light Housing BLUE
LED Light Housing RED   LED Light Housing RED
LED Light Housing UV   LED Light Housing UV
48S-PK   LyTec - High Bright 2.5mm - PK - Pink
Male_Connector_Shell   Male Connector Shell
Male_Pins   Male Pins
RBWLED10mm   Rainbow 10mm LED
SOLDER6040   Solder Wire - Rosin Core 60/40 : Qty - 5 feet
SG-2.2mmOR   Stiff Glow - 2.2mm Orange
tflash   Techno Flash
TRDC-Inline-Switch   TRDC Inline On/Off Switch 2.1mm ID

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