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01C-Pink-Fushcia   1.2mm Lytec Angel Hair - Pink/Fuschia
01C-RD   1.2mm Lytec Angel Hair - RD
1.4mm-PL2-White   1.4mm PL2 Cool White
1.4mm-PL2-Lime   1.4mm PL2 Neon Lime Green
TR12v1000ma   12Vdc Wall transformer 1.0A, 2.1mm ID plug
TR12vdc-2.1amp-25w   12Vdc Wall transformer 2.1amp, 25w, 2.1mm plug
TR12v750ma   12Vdc Wall transformer 750ma, 2.1mm plug
1aabhlead   1xAA 1.5v Batt Holder w/leads
2.2mm-PL2-Blue   2.2mm PL2 - Blue
2.2mm-PL2-LG   2.2mm PL2 - Lime Green (glow stick green)
2.3mm-CLHB-AQUA   2.3mm CooLight High Bright Wire - AQ - Aqua Blue Green
2.3mm-CLX-GN   2.3mm ECLX Wire - GN - Emerald Green
2.3mm-CLX-LG   2.3mm ECLX Wire - LG - Lime Green
2.3mm-CLX-OR   2.3mm ECLX Wire - OR - Orange
2.3mm-CLX-SKBL   2.3mm ECLX Wire - SYBL - Sky Blue
2.3mm-CLX-WT   2.3mm ECLX Wire - WT - Cool White
01S-PK   2.3mm Lytec Wire - PK - Hot Pink
2xaaCase   2xAA (3vdc) Battery Case Enclosure w/switch
2xaaaCase   2xAAA (3vdc) Battery Case Enclosure w/switch
3.2mm-CLHB-AQUA   3.2mm CooLight High Bright Wire - AQ - Transparent Blue Aqua
3.2mm-CLHB-BLUE   3.2mm CooLight High Bright Wire - BL - Blue
3.2mm-CLHB-GN   3.2mm CooLight High Bright Wire - GN - Green
3.2mm-CLHB-LG   3.2mm CooLight High Bright Wire - LG - Lime Green
3.2mm-CLHB-OR   3.2mm CooLight High Bright Wire - OR - Amber Orange
3.2mm-CLHB-PLV   3.2mm CooLight High Bright Wire - PL - Purple-Violet
3.2mm-CLHB-RED   3.2mm CooLight High Bright Wire - RD - Red
3.2mm-CLHB-WT   3.2mm CooLight High Bright Wire - WT - White
3.2mm-CLHB-YL   3.2mm CooLight High Bright Wire - YL - Yellow
3.2mm-PL2-WT   3.2mm PL2 - WT (nice cool white)
coppertape   3M Copper tape by the foot
CLEL-4.3-Pink   4.3mm CL EL Wire - PK - Pink
5.0mm-PL2-LG   5.0mm PL2 Wire - LG - Lime Green (glow stick green)
8xaabatholder   8xAA 12v Battery Holder w/9v battery post
8xaaabatholder   8xAAA 12v Battery Holder w/9v battery post
9vbatttab   9v Batt Tab
9vCase   9v Battery Case Enclosure w/switch
TR9v300ma-1.3mm-plug   9Vdc Wall transformer 300ma 1.3mm plug
3-16HSBLK   Black 3/16 inch adhesive lined heatshrink
LeadWire-22g-2c-Blk   Black/Red Lead Wire 22g/2c by the Foot
CL-ELD3-3V   CL-ELD 3v 2xAA up to 16ft
CL-ELD-50M-12v-CF   CL-ELD-50M-12v; 20 to 150 feet of EL wire - Constant/Flash
CL-ELD110AC-50M   CL-ELD110AC-50M/150ft
CL-ELD-12v-20-CF   CL-ELD20-12v up to 50ft of wire - Constant On or Flash
CL-IPTC-3v-3-7FT   CL-IPTC-3v-3-7FT
CL-IPTC-9v-3-7FT   CL-IPTC-9v-3-7FT
CL-IS-40FT   CL-IS-40FT Constant/Sound Activated 9-12vdc
CL-ISC-12V-3-8FT   CL-ISC-12V-3-8FT
CO1M_Lead_16ft   CO1M+Lead 16ft
CO1Female   CO1M-Female Connector (inverter side)
CO1Male   CO1M-Male Connector (el wire side)
CO1MFF   CO1MFF-2 way splitter
CO1MFx3   CO1MFF-3 way splitter
CO1MFx4   CO1MFx4 way splitter
Connection-Solder-Service   Connection/Solder Service
P1.3mmFemale   Connector Plug Female 1.3mm ID
P2.1x5.5mm-Female   Connector Plug Female 2.1mm x 5.5mm
P2.1mmx5.5mm-Male   Connector Plug Male 2.1mm x 5.5mm
P1.3mmMale   Connector Plug Male1.3mm ID
CRWLEL-5ft-3.2-AQUA   Crawling El 5ft-3.2-AQUA TRANSPARENT BLUE
CRWLEL-5ft-3.2-BLUE   Crawling El 5ft-3.2-BLUE
CRWLEL-5ft-3.2-PURPLE   Crawling El 5ft-3.2-PURPLE
CRWLEL-5ft-3.2-RED   Crawling El 5ft-3.2-RED
CRWLEL-5ft-3.2-TGREEN   Crawling El 5ft-3.2-TRANSPARENT GREEN
CRWLEL-5ft-3.2-WHITE   Crawling El 5ft-3.2-WHITE
Wire_Pre-Strip   El Wire Pre-Strip Service
20A_ESC_SimonK   ESC 20A SimonK Simon Series
Flat2P   Flat 2-Pin Socket Female Connector
GS2   Garage Sale group 2 - EZ ORDER RAPID ENTRY FORM
GS1   Garage Sale group1 - EZ ORDER RAPID ENTRY FORM
HV-L60F11BC-12vdc   HV-L60F11BC-20m-100m-12vdc
IFW-3311   IFW 3311 BOAT SERIES 13vdc, 115vac, 1600hz 4-8ft EL
IFW-3318   IFW 3318 BOAT SERIES 13vdc, 115vac, 1600hz 1-4ft EL
IFW-3415   IFW 3415 2K 12v 105vac 5-15ft
IFW-5541-2K-9V   IFW 5541-2K 9V 70vac 10-30ft
IFW-5681-2K   IFW 5681 2K 12v 110vac 10-40ft
IFW-7545-2K   IFW 7545 2K 12v 100vac 30-80ft
test1234   inbound
ISW-5727   ISW 5727 - 12v 120vac 850hz 10-50ft
ISW-9674-600HZ-12vdc   ISW 9674-600HZ 12vdc 100-328ft EL
LED Light Housing BLUE   LED Light Housing BLUE
LED Light Housing RED   LED Light Housing RED
LED Light Housing UV   LED Light Housing UV
PB2-KP-107   PB2-WP-Push button-ON/OFF-Switch #KP-107
RBWLED10mm   Rainbow 10mm LED
SOLDER6040   Solder Wire - Rosin Core 60/40 : Qty - 5 feet
SG-2.2mmOR   Stiff Glow - 2.2mm Orange
tflash   Techno Flash
TRDC-Inline-Switch   TRDC Inline On/Off Switch 2.1mm ID

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